• Sharon Evans

Public Enemy Number One

Why is it that just when you’ve settled down somewhere new and paid top dollar for a home you intend living in for the rest of your natural life, do you find that your neighbour is intollerable?  It’s like living next door to Osama Bin Laden and his sidekicks.

Okay…  so I wouldn’t know what it’s like living next door to Osama, but I can only imagine that he didn’t really care too much one way or another if he had happy neighbours.  He just went about his business regardless of the impact on anyone else.  That’s EXACTLY how I feel about our neighbours.  We’ve lived here for almost two years and in all that time I’ve huffed and puffed and complained about their noisy dog, to no avail.

The animal sounded like a naughty puppy being beaten and I assumed they were house training it.  That was in the beginning, many months ago.  Since then I have come up with a multitude of excuses trying to figure out why an animal would be left to yelp as if in pain whilst the people were home.  I didn’t receive any insight.  Despite my constant shouts out of the window and over the wall to the animal to shut up, he failed to listen (disobediently!!).  The neighbours did not take the hint…. (Osama-Style)

So, off I pranced about two weeks ago and knocked on the front door.  Only the cleaning lady was at home.  She assured me that she would pass the message on to the homeowner that their dog was causing a nuisance.  I gave her my name and told her where I lived.  I received no response to that; not a knock on my door to try to come to an agreement nor an apology, nothing…. just radio silence.  This prompted me to pay them a second visit last week.  It took a lot of courage as I’m not a confrontational sort of person.

The parents weren’t home and I was told by an embarrassed looking young man that it was only himself and his sister at home.  He also informed me that their cleaner had in fact mentioned my visit to his parents.  This interlude seemed to prompt his big sister to come marching down the stairs with her attitude in hand, ready for use.

She asked me what I was doing back at their door and rudely shot down my request to have a discussion by insisting that if the dog was bothering me that much, I should move, because he was old and there was nothing they could do about his yelping.  She also mentioned that in fact he only made a fuss when people like myself came to their door!! When I assured her that I wasn’t going to be moving and that I would have no alternative but to take the matter further, she told me that I was ‘pissing’ her off, and slammed the glass door shut in my face.  I stood looking at the damn door, wondering what had held it together, because it would have been the most perfect backlash if it had shattered into a million pieces.

I now have to pursue this matter further until the abuse of this poor animal stops.  Unfortunately I have to start with our Home Owners Association, thereafter Estate Security, thereafter Animal Protection.  This is going to be a very long and winding road and one which I’d prefer not to be forced in to travelling.  How can parents have been so remiss as to not teach their offspring respect for their fellow human being.  Do they simply not love their children enough to want them to be accepted by the rest of the world?  Could that be the driver?  It is necessary for a disagreement to snowball into a full scale war?  I think maybe it is, but I for one am not equipped for this sort of low life neighbour who doesn’t earn the oxygen they get for free every day.  Love thy neighbour?  I don’t think so!  It’s not like they know the meaning of the word.

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