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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Most of you are unaware of my royal heritage.  Yes it’s there, just concealed to avoid any unwanted press interest.  You see I have two princesses.  Hah!  Nobody knew that.  This is how things came to pass…

Until I got cats, I hadn’t realised that I was a cat person. Now that I have three cats, I’ve realised that I’m one short of being a crazy cat lady. The only thing between me and that title is Mr Evans himself. He frankly has drawn a very clear line demarcating the number of pets allowed on his bed and five appears to be it.

The Poodles were a long process of elimination before selecting the exact breed. We are a family who prefers to rescue animals and our cats are all rescues in some form or another. Fortunately none of us are allergic to cats (except the UK wing of our family!). When it came to dogs however, we have a child who has quite a severe dog allergy, so we had to be mindful of that when selecting our puppies. Along came our neighbour with her Toy Poodles and Eureka! our choice was made. The fluffy bundles of joy were perfect for us. We chose to get sisters from the same litter and get two at the same time so that they would never be alone. I just assumed that this would automatically mean they would never suffer from separation anxiety and would be comfortable to be at home without me. I also thought they’d be a dream to train. Well, somehow I mixed dogs and people up there.

They follow me around constantly. No matter what I do I have the two brown shadows. Lacy doesn’t learn anything unless it involves a treat that she particularly likes and then she gets so focused on the treat that once the action has been learned it is forgotten the instant the treat touches her taste buds. Piper on the other hand is a fast learner and has taught herself a few things. Can she teach her sister? Definitely not. Having the cats, we installed a cat flap in the back door, which Piper mastered in two days. The dogs will be three years old in April and Lacy still cannot manage to push the flap with her nose and get in. She will yap, howl and whimper for hours, but will not make any attempt to get in.  But give her a tablet of computer and she’s off, playing games, sending damning emails and spending e-bucks on Fortnight! Piper on the other hand refuses to fetch anything, even her favourite ripped teddy!  Princesses the two of them.  They even love sunbathing.

Piper sunbathing 2.jpg
Lacy sorting out a presentation 2.jpg
Piper is begging for her evening stroll 2.jpg
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