• Sharon Evans

Jabber Jabber

Is our Government all talk and no action?  I’m not sure.  I’ve made a point of avoiding the news, I’m not sporty so I don’t watch much sport and I’m just about a hermit, so I don’t socialise too much either.  The few bits of information which I find myself gleaning are word of mouth and I often wonder whether that isn’t a better way of obtaining news.  What is our press allowed to share with us, and what is being hidden from us?

I watched Carte Blanche a number of weeks ago and was astounded to see the unfolding drama of the mine owned by our president and former president’s offspring.  Are they above the law because of who their fathers are?  Shouldn’t that kind of fraud be made an example of?  There are emissaries sent to do studies all over the world.  Shouldn’t we keep it local until we’ve sorted out this quagmire?  Just because people were suppressed previously, does that give them the right to starve their staff now?  Does it enable them if we turn a slightly blind eye because it’s just too much trouble to unravel the truth?  Or should we be pulling out the stops and putting a stop to all forms of nepotism which enable this sort of scandalous treatment of the loyal employees left behind to scramble for pennies thrown their way like beggars on the street corners?

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